Drinking coffee is more than a routine that kick starts your day. We want you sipping (perfectly-roasted coffee). Here are five small changes that will improve your coffee making skills:

Pre-Warm That Mug

If you’re making Pour Over Coffee, temperature is key. Before you add water to your ground beans and filter, pour a little of the hot water into your mug. Filling it about a third of the way will warm the walls of the mug during the few minutes it takes to brew your pour over. Your coffee will keep its temperature and flavour longer.

Not-Quite-Boiling Is the Way to Go

If you’re boiling your water and pouring it directly over the grounds in your French Press or Chemex, let it cool it for a bit while you read your Broomfield Blogs. 20-40 seconds of wait time after your boil should lower your water temperature to around 200 degrees. Patience will make your coffee better.

Fresh Broomfield Coffee Beans

Don’t save them for special occasions, because the further you get from the roast date, the weaker the flavour will be. Coffee does best in a dry, airtight container. When choosing a container and location for your favorite blend, be sure to avoid air, moisture, heat, and light.

Get to Know Your Espresso: Break up the Crema

That tan, creamy froth sitting on top of the dark brown espresso has a name. It's called crema. And when you're testing out some new beans, it holds a lot of flavor information. Breaking up the crema with a spoon releases tons of aromatics that let you know what that coffee is all about. Take a minute. Get to know your Broomfield beans.

Iced Espresso Cool Down

Iced espresso is a truly amazing thing, but pouring that hot liquid directly over frozen water means a bunch of melted ice (the same can be said for icing regular coffee at home). The workaround is simple. After pulling a shot (or two) of espresso, add the cold milk (whether it be whole, hemp, almond directly to the espresso. Then pour the cooler espresso over the ice. A lower temperature espresso means less water, which means a better tasting espresso flavour