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Taste Profile: A blend of the finest Brazilian beans taken to a medium-dark roast. Well balanced, with a small amount of acidity and a praline finish. You can now enjoy our delicious decaf coffee all day long.

Blend of 100% Brazilian Santos Arabica beansscreen size 17/18

Roast Profile: Medium-Dark

Process: Decaffeinated using Methylene-Chloride.

Varietals: Bourbon & Catuai

Altitude: 950m

Price :
As low as £11.00

Santo Municipality - Potentially the most consistent product in the world of coffee, Brazilian Santos is produced on such a large scale that you can be guaranteed of the same quality, year on year. After being picked and pulped to remove the cherries and mucilage, these beans are soaked in water to soften them and grow their cell structure. This makes them more conducive to the solvent, methylene-chloride, which strips the beans of their naturally-occurring caffeine. This process is repeated multiple times, to reduce the caffeine content by about 97%!

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